Clinical Decision Support Integration Partners

Wolters Kluwer Health is a leading provider of information for professionals and students in medicine, nursing, allied health and pharmacy.  Wolters Kluwer Health’s Clinical Solutions offerings and complementary products seamlessly integrate with the clinical workflow to support improved patient care and clinician satisfaction.

Pharmacy One Source Sentri7

Sentri7 is a real-time patient surveillance system that increases healthcare interventions, improves outcomes and quality performance, and prevents harm. Sentri7 has integrated with UpToDate leveraging our web services platform. This integration enables users to search UpToDate from the pre-existing Sentri7 search bar. UpToDate customers will have access to full UpToDate reference information. Non-UpToDate customers will have access to the preview page. For more information visit the Sentri7 website.

UpToDate and Lexicomp® — Drugs and Drug Interactions

UpToDate has increased the breadth and depth of its drug reference database by partnering with Lexicomp, a leading pharmacological solution. This partnership provides UpToDate subscribers with access to a select set of foundational drug information from the Lexicomp core databases, including more than 5,200 in-depth drug monographs. Each monograph provides dosage information for adult, pediatric and geriatric patients.

The integrated solution delivered by UpToDate and Lexicomp, available to all UpToDate users, complements the clinician’s workflow. The clear and concise drug monographs provide quick and easy access to actionable recommendations. In addition to drug treatment recommendations that are available through UpToDate, users can access a select set of drug references from the Lexicomp database, which includes:

  • General and disease-specific dosing recommendations including evidence-based off-label dosing
  • Recommendations for dose adjustment for impaired kidney or liver function, obesity or toxicity
  • Pediatric and neonatal dosing and drug administration
  • A separate drug interactions program (Lexi-Interact) that provides more in-depth analysis of drug-drug, herb-drug and herb-herb interactions
  • Drug adverse effects, warnings, and precautions including practical detail such as premedication recommendations and patient monitoring parameters
  • Drug administration detail including drug brands, available strength and dosage form information
  • Current FDA Special Alerts and major Health Canada safety communications

For access to the full Lexicomp database, UpToDate subscribers may opt to subscribe to the complete Lexicomp online solution. Accessible from within UpToDate, this full-featured drug reference database supplements the select set of Lexicomp content available to all UpToDate subscribers with additional information including:

  • Topics dedicated to drug use during pregnancy and lactation
  • A Formulary Monograph Service containing monographs for newly approved or Phase III drugs, detailing mechanism of action and comparative efficacy content
  • Topics on pharmacogenomics, genetic variations and their impact on drug therapy
  • Topics on IV compatibility, IV medication stability and co-administration
  • Toxicology information on the most commonly encountered exposures to poisons and non-toxic agents
  • Drug identification of unknown medications based on imprint, dosage form, shape and color
  • Drug dosing calculators and comparative tables
  • Patient drug information handouts in 19 languages

Linking directly to the full scope of Lexicomp content and modules from within UpToDate helps improve efficiency, enhance patient care, and minimize disruptions to the clinical workflow. To learn more about drug information solutions for hospitals contact Lexicomp.


When physicians and other clinicians need answers quickly, they rely on OvidMD. OvidMD searches Ovid MEDLINE®, evidence-based guidelines, and your institution's key clinical full-text journals, books and databases – all in a single search. If your organization subscribes to both UpToDate and Ovid, an Ovid Full Text link will appear on UpToDate abstract pages whenever the full text of an article is available through your hospital's Ovid subscription.

Ovid MD subscribers can also enter a search term into Ovid MD and access UpToDate point of care content, together with Ovid's full text and bibliographic content in the same easy to use interface. UpToDate customers will have access to full UpToDate reference information. Non-UpToDate customers will have access to the preview page. For more information visit the Ovid MD website.


VisualDx®, when integrated with UpToDate, helps you diagnose patients quickly and effectively with a comprehensive library of medical images illustrating visible symptoms, as well as a tool for rapidly building differential diagnoses. When images related to a condition are available in VisualDx, they are identified by the orange VisualDx icon in the UpToDate search results or in the References section of the UpToDate topic. Clicking the icon opens the associated images in a separate browser window, so you never have to hunt through textbooks for pictures, saving the limited time you have to spend with your patients. If your organization has on-site institutional licenses for both UpToDate and VisualDx, the two systems are integrated automatically. If you don't have a VisualDx license but would like a free 90-day trial, or you have a question about using VisualDx with UpToDate, please call VisualDx at 1-800-357-7611.

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